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Digital Web Design

Digital Web Design is a web design company from Bucharest (Romania) that has been recently launched. The team is young, full of ideas and more than excited to help you with your projects!

The company is involved in Identity & Branding projects, creating web sites using programming or presentation sites using CMS platforms.

During the two years of experience, we have learnt that simplicity is one of the most important feature to consider when creating a web site, but, also, one of the most difficult challenge.Creating something simple requires a lot of complexity and our team always make sure the deliverables are simple, unique and according to the client's vision.

Our purpose is to provide services that will help our clients grow, promote and develop their vision.We will make sure that the deliverabels will send a clear message about who you are and what is your activity. We always consider the specific of your business and what the public expects from you.Each product and service is unique, according to your needs and vision.


Professional Services

Responsive and optimizing design for all mobile devices.
We are always commited to provide high quality products and services!

Identity & Branding projects

Identity & Branding projects relate to: Logo design, business card, files with header, folding, customized envelopes,brochure, presentation catalogue and website.

Logo Design

Completing the logo design requires between 1 and 3 working days. The design is performed using Adobe Illustrator and delivered in the following formats: Ai (vectorial), EPS (vectorial), PNG, JPG and PDF.

Web Design

In order to provide a web design according to the client's vision, it is always a starting point to analyse the identity of the business (logo and colors) and the desires of the public.

Design for mobile applications

The design for the mobile applications (Android and IOS) is 100% original, creative and according to the client's vision.

Bagging design

For each project, we are dedicated to understand and continue the vison of the client. We provide the best sollutions in order to achieve the target goals.

Customized Package

The customized package is offering you the possibility to choose one or more services. For example, you can select just the logo design and the brochure from Identity & Branding projects.

Why Digital Web Design is the best choice?

We value your vision and your business goals! We are always commited to provide high quality deliverables. We offer the opportunity to make the best presentation of your ideas and business plans and attract as much customers as possibe! Owning a customized site is a key factor in a successful business!

  • Simple, atractive and offering multiple possibilities of design.
  • Perfect planning and organizing for a great evolution of your business.
  • Best choice when it comes to your business presentation.
  • Site optimization, advertising and administration.
  • The best way to develop your business in the online environment.
  • Grafical Design, Logo Design, Identity & Branding projects.


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